Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks Half Way Through The Season

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Image / William Purnell/Icon Sportswire

I love the fact that the NFL might very well be the most overreaction friendly league there is in sports. The difference between a win and a loss on any given week can be the difference between sports talk shows claiming your team is either a Super Bowl contender or it is time to tank in hopes to get a good draft pick. But that is the beauty of the league and what keeps us coming back Sunday after Sunday for more. We all know in this league you are only really as good as your quarterback so with half of the season over for most teams, what better time to give my rankings of the NFL’s Top 5 quarterbacks.

5. Tom Brady

As tempting as it is to give Ben Roethlisberger the No. 5 slot here, I have to give the nod to the GOAT. At 43-years-old Tom Brady still looks to be lethal in this league especially with the loaded roster that the Buccaneers have. Although he is not putting up monster numbers there is no doubting Brady knows how to secure a dub and is really starting to catch his groove in Tampa.

4. Lamar Jackson

Although Jackson has been catching some heat for his performance in the Ravens 28-24 loss against the Steelers, the former MVP is still a force to be reckoned with. Jackson has an arsenal of talent with him in Baltimore and will continue to be a problem for NFL defenses with his ability to tuck it and run.

3. Aaron Rodgers

Even with the Green Bay Packers refusing to get this man any kind of help with a wide receiver before the trade deadline, Rodgers still will find himself in just about every elite QB conversation. The guy has not lost his rifle of an arm and still is a defense’s worst nightmare with his pinpoint accuracy and elusiveness in the pocket.

2. Russell Wilson

Eight weeks into the season and Wilson seems like a heavy favorite to win this year’s MVP. Seattle sits at 6-1 on top of the NFC West thanks to Wilson and his ability to take over games. He seems to be getting better week after week which has to be a huge concern for any team that has Seattle on the schedule for the remainder of the season.

1.Patrick Mahomes

It is hard to say anybody is worth $503 million dollars,  but if you are going to say it, make sure Patrick Mahomes is the first name out of your mouth. Mahomes threw for a casual 416 yards and five touchdowns last week and although it was against a horrific Jets team, the young gunslinger has the ability to do this week in and week out. A freak of nature that will most likely be the face of this league for years to come.