Reliving The Top 10 Best Moments From Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Legendary Career

Reliving The Top 10 Moments From Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Career

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  • Longtime NFL QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has retired after 17 seasons.
  • FitzMagic has too many memorable moments, so let’s relive them.
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After 17 seasons and nine different uniforms, Ryan Fitzpatrick has decided to retire from the NFL. The journeyman signal-caller announced his retirement in epic fashion and sent a text message with a long list of former players to his teammates.

The end of a remarkable journey has come upon the NFL, and although Fitzpatrick wasn’t a top-tier QB, he provided NFL fans with plenty of memorable moments.

Reliving the best moments in the career of Ryan Fitzpatrick

This list could be a long one, but we narrowed it down, somehow. Among the most notable of them all is the infamous chest hair photo when he rocked DeSean Jackson’s clothes in a postgame presser.

Then there was this wonderful Fitzpatrick interview. Don’t worry, there are plenty more Fitzpatrick interviews on the way.

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s son also gets a special shoutout for his impeccable math skills during a press conference with the Houston Texans. Just watch this.

But, one of the most memorable Fitzpatrick moments on the field was a completed pass as a member of the Miami Dolphins and an improbable completion after a facemask.

Oh, and of course, Fitzpatrick shirtless during a Buffalo Bills game is too priceless.

This next one isn’t exactly a Fitzpatrick moment, but the numbers of jerseys show how many different teams he played for and make for a fun memory.

Let’s enjoy the rest of Fitzpatrick’s memorable moments, including an all-time great interview as a member of the New York Jets.

Enjoy retirement, Fitzpatrick.