Tosh.O Absolutely Skewers Lane Kiffin In “Kiffin’s Krimson Korner”

How Lane Kiffin is employable is easily the biggest mystery in sports? The short answer: he’s not worth hiring, anywhere. The long answer: people keep hiring him for no known reason.

I don’t know why exactly Daniel Tosh hates Kiffin so much, as a UCF grad he really hasn’t had any run ins with Kiffin on his team. Maybe it’s because he grew up Florida and was perhaps a Bucs fan and pissed off when lil Kiffin poached his dad away from the Bucs? But I’m pretty certain he’s a Miami Dolphins fan…Either way, this skit is incredible.

This sketch titled ‘Kiffin’s Krimson Korner’ is based around Lane Kiffin (and wife) having a cable access show where ‘Bama fans can call and it talk with the coach on the many ways he’s ruining the Crimson Tide. It’s amazing.

tip of the hat to ThunderTreats

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