The First Teaser And Synopsis For The Conor McGregor Film ‘Notorious’ Are Here To Get You Hyped

Last week Universal Pictures Entertainment announced that they would be releasing a film about the life of one Conor McGregor called Notorious. Needless to say, fans of the Celtic Tiger were sufficiently pumped when they heard this news.

Considering that McGregor’s whole life looks like just one big movie, putting together a documentary on him must have been a pretty easy task.

The hardest part was probably having to decide what to leave out of the film. Frankly, I am surprised they just didn’t turn it into an 8-part series or something.

A few weeks ago McGregor teased the project with a small clip on his Instagram…

But now we have an actual teaser for the film as well as a synopsis and even a web site.

Conor McGregor is the biggest star in the history of Mixed Martial Arts. Filmed over the course of 4 years, Notorious is the exclusive, all-access account of Conor’s meteoric rise from claiming benefits and living in his parent’s spare room in Dublin to claiming multiple championship UFC belts and seven figure pay-packets in Las Vegas. Featuring unprecedented access, never before seen moments and explosive fight footage, this is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at a sporting icon and his spectacular rise from the bottom to the very top.

Check out the trailer below…

That…looks great. And I suppose it should considering that as McGregor said during the London stop of his World Tour with Floyd Mayweather, “Four years ago, I fought in London at a place called the HMV Forum, in front of about five hundred people. Four years ago. Now here I am six weeks out, about to quadruple my net worth with half a fight. I’m in shock every single day I wake up. Half a fight, I get to quadruple my net worth for half a fucking fight. Sign me up.”

So far all we know about when the film will be released is that, according to McGregor’s Twitter account is that it is “coming soon, to a theatre near you!”

Can’t wait.

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