Boston’s Trent Frederic Makes NHL Debut With An A+ Fight And His Parents Whiffed A High-Five On Camera

Trent Frederic made his NHL debut as a forward for the Boston Bruins last night in pretty spectacular fashion for a rookie. His time was almost evenly split between the penalty box (5 minutes) and time on the ice (8+ minutes).

The time in the penalty box was due to a brutal fight with Winnipeg’s Brandon Tanev who embarrassed the shit out of himself fighting the rookie. He proceeded to whiff multiple punches on Trent Frederic who pummelled him into submission before the refs intervened.

The fight alone would make for an amazing highlight but somehow Trent’s parents stole the show with the most miserable excuse for a high-five that you’ve ever seen. His parents were on hand for his first NHL game and seemed to revel in the fact that their 20-year-old son from St. Louis had dropped the gloves for fisticuffs but their celebration was exactly how you’d expect a middle-aged couple from St. Louis to high-five.

First, let’s check out Trent’s fight. The crowd was loving it and he was feeling the love.

Here’s the fight on YouTube if you’d rather watch that clip there than on Twitter. I usually try and give you guys multiple format options when I can.

Now, here’s that highlight of Trent’s parents celebrating their son win the fight with the weakest attempt at a high-five you’re likely to see in 2019.

Winnipeg went on to win (4)-3 in a shootout after Kyle Connor scored twice in 34-seconds in the 3rd period. Boston’s sitting in the #1 Wild Card spot in the East, just 1-point out of the third division spot in the Atlantic. Winnipeg’s win put them at 66-points on the season, second best in the west behind Calgary and only TEN points behind Tampa Bay in the East.

Trent played college hockey for the University of Wisconsin where he was named Big Ten Freshman of the Year. In March 2018, he left college after signing a 3-year entry level contract with the Bruins. He’d been playing with the Providence Bruins (AHL affiliate) until his first NHL call-up last night.

As for that high-five, it kind of looked like dad was trying to punch the air. It’s possible he was going for a really high fist bump. But the mom misinterpreted everything it seems and went for the high-five while dad’s fist was closed the entire time. The end result here is an extremely cringe-worthy moment caught on camera.