Trevor Lawrence Tried To Justify Shoving A Guy During Intramural Basketball With The Weakest Excuse Possible

trevor lawrence basketball shove explanation

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Back when I was in college, I used to play intramural basketball in a fairly competitive league that included a team consisting entirely of players on my school’s football team.

As a 6′ 10″ guy, I usually managed to hold my own on the court, but when you’re playing against offensive lineman whose job is to routinely shove other large men to the ground,  there’s not much you can do in the paint.

Trevor Lawrence—college football’s equivalent of Sunshine from Remember the Titans—has had one hell of a year, leading Clemson to a national championship over Alabama and setting up the Tigers to be the team to beat until he graduates.

It’s only natural that the quarterback would do everything in his power to stay in shape in the offseason—including being the person that every intramural basketball player hates.

Earlier this week, a video surfaced of Lawrence repeatedly shoving a player until pushing him to the ground after the defender had the nerve to set a clean screen on him during a game.

To say this was an overreaction would be a bit of an understatement, and while it wasn’t a great look for Lawrence, we didn’t really have any details surrounding what motivated him to go to the lengths he did—at least until now.

After Barstool threw the video on Instagram, Lawrence popped up in the comments to tell his side of the story, saying he decided to put the dude on the ground because he’d been talking shit the entire game.

Lawrence would eventually delete his “apology,” but if you wanted any more proof he’s that guy on the court, you now have everything you need.

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