Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Shared Beach Pics From Their Bye Week Trip

Trevor Lawrence's Wife Shared Beach Pics From Bye Week

Getty Image / Alberto E. Rodriguez

Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars are currently in 3rd place in the AFC South. They are just 3-7-0 on the season (so far) but there is a lot of room to be optimistic.

With 3 wins on the ledger, Trevor Lawrence and the Jags have already tied their 2021 win total when they finished 3-14-0, just a game behind the Texans but trailing the Tennessee Titans by 9 wins. The Jaguars had a bye week in Week 11 and will come back to face the Baltimore Ravens in Week 12 followed by the Lions, Titans, Cowboys, Jets, Texans, and Titans again.

During the Jaguars’ bye week players were able to get away for some rest and relaxation. Trevor Lawrence’s wife, Marissa Mowry Lawrence, shared some beach photos of her and her husband in their beachwear soaking up the sun’s rays.

Scroll through the Instagram gallery below for pictures from their vacation:

It appears this quick beach vacation was equal parts bye week R&R but also a late birthday celebration for Trevor Lawrence’s wife, Marissa Mowry Lawrence. She just turned 23-years-old a week ago according to Trevor’s most recent IG post:

As a fellow Floridian, I’m always fascinated by Floridians who opt to vacation in tropical locations when it is still incredibly hot outside. There was a coldfront last weekend so the timing was nice for them. But it has still been 80+ degrees nearly every day since March. And Trevor Lawrence’s wife and the QB live a stone’s throw away from the beach in Jacksonville.

Trevor Lawrence’s wife also has this lovely pool at home if it’s just about sunbathing:

But given Florida’s proximity to The Bahamas, it is a very common weekend trip for Floridians. You can get there and back quickly and really soak up the tropical vibes. Case in point, this trip Trevor Lawrence’s wife took earlier this year:

Now it’s back to work for the QB but Trevor Lawrence’s wife can keep living it up in the stands.