Steph Curry Of Football Tosses Wins $100,000 In Tuition By Revolutionizing Dr. Pepper Giveaway

William Austin Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway 2021 Big 12 Championship Floater One Hand Steph Curry


  • A University of Texas student has changed college football forever.
  • During Saturday’s Big 12 Championship, William Austin not only won $100,000, but he revolutionized the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway.
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There is a lot of debate surrounding the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway. As the annual competition takes place during college football’s conference championship week every year, fans of the sports get into heated arguments over the rules.

The competition is simple. Two students compete against one another to throw the most footballs into a small opening from five yards away.

The winner is the student who throws more footballs into the hole. He or she takes home a check for $100,000 in tuition. The loser gets $20,000.

Considering that the competition takes place at only five yards, there is a lot of conversation to be had surrounding the strategy. Throwing overhand, like a quarterback, is difficult and rarely wins. Using a chest pass approach is typically more successful.

However, it comes with a significant amount of scrutiny.

As Saturday’s Big 12 Championship went to halftime, it was time for yet another competition. A University of Texas student by the name of William Austin was this year’s winner and he became the first Longhorn to win at the Big 12 Championship since 2009.

His strategy, however, was unique.

Austin, with his lettuce flowing from his headband, neither threw overhand nor took the chest pass approach. Heturned the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway into a pop-a-shot. It was the ideal form.

He used a quick release and repeatable motion that allowed him to already be reaching for the next ball while the first ball is in the air. Brilliant.

As a result of his perfect form, Austin was nearly automatic.

Austin’s one-handed floater not only changed the entire landscape of the Tuition Giveaway, but he is $100,000 richer because of it.