Turkish Soccer Fans Reacted Level-Headedly To Their Team Being Moved Down A Division By Setting Fire To The Stadium

I’m beginning to think that all Turkish people are lowkey bananas. Proof? Here’re the last two stories about Turkish people that we have written about over here.

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A story about their governing body having a fist-fight in the Parliament and another story about soccer players ganging up on the ref and kicking him out of the game. Look, I’m not saying that all Turkish people are like this. Just the ones worth writing about.

Turkey’s “We’re Pretty Much What Would Happen If The Purge Was Real” campaign continued last night when a local soccer team Eskisehirspor lost their final game of the season, cementing their fate to be relegated from the Turkish Super Lig. So their fans did the only logical thing they could think of and set fire to the stadium.


The craziest part here is that I’m pretty sure that all of those fans assumed this was the best possible action they could take. “Hey, you know how we can show the Turkish officials that we love our team and don’t want them to move? Burn this fucker down.” For those of you who don’t understand the joke, most people would consider burning down the stadium as something that wouldn’t prove their love for the team. Maybe Turkish people are crazy because they live in an eternal state of opposite day. So really, if someone just tells them that since it’s opposite day, you’re supposed to do the opposite of opposite day, they’d turn out into a very successful country. That or, you know, not. It’s really 50/50.