Buccaneer Fans On Twitter Went Bananas After Their Team Drafted A Kicker In The Second Round

The NFL Draft is probably the most interesting live event that involves nothing more than men addressing a large crowd. It’s like a live concert that subs out actual music for Roger Goodell and his limp dick. That being said, there are still plenty of moments to shock and awe you, both good and bad. Which is where this surprising move by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers falls.

With their second pick, the Buccaneers traded up in the draft and picked up FSU kicker Roberto Aguayo, which is a pretty bold move. Usually kickers go towards the bottom of the pile because, realistically, kickers are pretty interchangeable as long as there are no glaring problems with them. This is an especially surprising move considering that the plan this year was apparently to try and draft their team around quarterback Jameis Winston’s needs. However, this is the same organization that got in trouble a few years ago for forcing homeless people to sell beer in the stadium for basically no pay. The Bucs have never been an organization to play by other people’s rules. Their fans, however, haven’t seemed to learn that yet, which is why they went bananas on Twitter after the Bucs drafted Aguayo. Check out some of the best below.