Twitter Asks ‘Which Word Would You Ban From Sports Forever?’ And People Appear To Be Getting Tired Of GOATs

Twitter Asks Which Word Would You Cut From Sports Forever

The world of sports has an annoying tendency to fall in love with certain words and phrases.

High-motor, clutch, filthy, intangibles, launch angle, and load management immediately come to my mind.

I can’t really say that there are any words or phrases in sports that have gotten so overused that I would want to outright ban them, but apparently they exist.

At least based on a Twitter Event started by @TroyMachir on Thursday that asks, “You get to ban one word from the entire lexicon of sports. What word are you banning?”

So far, as of this writing, there have been over 1,900 comments. Who knew people were so annoyed with words in sports?

Here are the top 10 sports words people hate the most and want to see banned based my unofficial count of the number of likes each comment got, going from least to most despised.

10. Warrior – 104

9. Physicality – 106

8. Bayless – 150

7. 110% – 167

6. Winningest – 172

5. Redskins – 237

4. GOAT – 303

3. Classy – 366

2. Barstool – 660

1. Adversity – 796

Any other sports words you’d like to add?

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