Two Wrestlers From The New Japan Pro Wrestling League Had Wild Fight This Morning

I really only have two pet peeves: People who don’t know the difference between ‘effect/affect’ and people who say wrestling is fake. It’s not fake, it’s scripted. Breaking Bad and The Sopranos are fake. You think Tony Soprano actually got shot all those times (spoiler alert)? Of course not. With wrestling, though, it’s all real. Sure, the blood is (mostly) fake, but the acrobatics and finishing moves are real. Hell, wrestlers get hurt in the ring from time to time (to time to time to time). Which is why this fight between Will Ospreay and Ricochet in the New Japanese Pro Wrestling league was one of those fights where I couldn’t look away. This shit ain’t fake.

You think this bottom rope backflip onto the spine on his opponent was done with wires and CGI? Next.

Or how about this moment when the two fighters were exchanging kicks and flipping each other with their legs.

How about this moment when the two of them met in mid-air?

Or all of the flips they did here? Real fake. Great job hiding all the wires.

Or these top rope spin kicks?

People who tell you that wrestling is fake are the same kids who always used to tell everyone that the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real. If you try and tell me that those guys weren’t flipping, jumping and climbing, then I don’t know what you’ve been drinking, but give me some. I’m kind of hoping these two make it into WWE soon, mostly because I just want to watch them fight each other more.

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