6’1″, 300lb 14-Year-Old Football Recruit Tyler Parker Eats QBs For Breakfast And Already Has D1 Offers

Tyler Parker / @iam_tylerparker — Twitter

  • At 6’1″, 300 pounds, Tyler Parker is a name to remember.
  • The 14-year-old defensive tackle recruit is not just big, he is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Parker already has multiple D1 offers and is well on his way to a career in the NFL if he can keep up his dominance.

Tyler Parker may or may not be the world’s largest 14-year-old. If he isn’t, he has to be close.

The California-native is a rising sophomore in the college football recruiting Class of 2025. He is the top-ranked defensive tackle in the nation and it’s not hard to see why.

Parker is massive and football fans, analysts and players alike cannot not wrap their heads around how big he is. He stands 6-foot-1, 300 pounds, which is heavier than Aaron Donald, despite being less than half of the NFL lineman’s age, and he’s all muscle.

Tyler Parker is also a freak athlete.

He runs a 4.9-second 40-yard-dash, which is downright crazy at his size. Parker also has a seven-inch vertical jump, max bench presses 300 pounds, deadlifts 415 pounds.

He never shies away from putting in the work.

While his size and strength is one thing, Parker’s play is another. He is an offensive line’s worst nightmare. There is simply no stopping him once the ball is snapped, especially on the high school level, and he feasts on opposing quarterbacks.

Not only is Parker a monster in-season, he is dominating the camp circuit. Everywhere he goes, well-deserved praise follows.

As a result of his play and his size, Parker already has multiple Division-I offers. His first came back in April from the University of Arizona.

In addition to his offers, Parker has taken multiple unofficial visits to top FBS and FCS programs.

At this rate, once his recruitment heats up, Parker is going to have his pick of the litter. He is going to be able to play college football — for free — at whatever school he wants, anywhere in the country. Rightfully so.