The Mic’d Up Footage Of Tyreek Hill Mocking Damien Williams For Chasing Him Down On 91-Yard TD Run Is Glorious

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Imagine scoring a 91-yard rushing touchdown–the longest of your career, the second-longest play of the season, tying Jamaal Charles for the longest rushing touchdown in franchise history–only to be upstaged by a dude who had nothing to do with it.

Chiefs running back Damien Williams doesn’t have to imagine, because in the Chiefs Week 9 win over the Vikings, teammate Tyreek Hill pulled the football equivalent of Kanye West trying to pry an award from the cold, dead hands of Taylor Swift.

Now, thanks to the beauty of NFL Films, fans can witness the interaction between Chiefs players directly after Hill reminded everyone that he is just the Roadrunner in a football uniform. It is highly entertaining.

Hill reached a top speed on that run of 22.6 mph, per Next Gen Stats, the fastest of his NFL career. And, if Hill had been carrying the ball, it would’ve also been the fastest registered speed of the season.

Williams ain’t no slouch either. The 27-year-old Oklahoma product top speed was recorded at 20.78 mph on the run, the second fastest ball carrier of Week 9 ONLY Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick’s 21.48 mph speed on an interception return.

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