UCF’s Football Team Says They’re The Real National Champions And They Might Have A Point

ucf peach bowl

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On Monday, the University of Central Florida became the first team to finish the season with an undefeated record for the first time since the creation of the College Football Playoff after defeating Auburn by a score of 34-27 in the Peach Bowl. There was no chance the Knights were ever going to have the chance to compete for a title as members of the AAC, but that hasn’t stopped them from trolling the rest of the NCAA about who should actually be dubbed the best team in college football this year.

After the game, UCF playfully called out the College Football Playoff on Twitter by pointing out their perfect record.

A cameraman also caught up to UCF Atheltic Director Danny White, who stared directly into the lens while proclaiming the team deserves to be dubbed the national champions.

While there’s no denying this year’s UCF squad was a talented one, it’s also hard to overlook that their perfect record was aided by a schedule filled with matchups against cupcake teams like UConn, Temple, and Austin Peay. Their strength of schedule will never come close to matching the majority of teams in the Group of Five, and it’s unlikely they’ll ever finish the season in the top four based on the current system. However, if the national champion was crowned using the theory of transitive property, there’s no arguing UCF wouldn’t have finished the season at number one.

Both Alabam and Georgia— who will be competing for the crown next Monday— suffered their sole loss of the year at the hands of Auburn, so if you’re a fan of flawed logic, you could argue UCF is clearly the best team in the country (which UCF was more than happy to point out).

UCF might never have an actual claim to the throne, but I certainly respect the hustle.