Cheerleader Falls From Pyramid And Busts Her Ass, Takes Another L When She’s Brutally Dropped On Her Head

UCLA cheerleader falls twice

A UCLA cheerleader named Sophie has found overnight fame after an incident on the court during last night’s game against Oregon. She actually made it back to her squad before the game concluded, but not before busting her ass all over national TV, and then having salt rubbed in her wounds.

After falling off the pyramid mid-routine and smacking her coccyx on the wooden court she’s then carried off to the locker room by some man, either a coach or member of the medical staff, but she then gets dropped on her head…This all played out on national TV:

If that Streamable link isn’t working for you the video is available here on Busted Coverage.

According to BC, UCLA announced that Sophie’s totally fine today, and that means we can continue to watch this clip guilt-free. If she’d have fractured her coccyx and walked out of there with a concussion I wouldn’t feel right about laughing, but she’s okay, so I have zero qualms with joking about how many L’s this chick took on the national stage.

If you want to know more about Sophie there’s some info up on the UCLA cheerleading website about this lovely lady:

UCLA Cheerleader Sophie



(h/t Reddit and Busted Coverage)