UCLA’s Epic Game-Winning TD Probably Shouldn’t Have Counted, Definitely Should Have Been Reviewed

by 10 months ago
ucla game winning td texas am review

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On college football’s opening weekend, UCLA and quarterback Josh Rosen did the impossible. Texas A&M was up on UCLA 44-10 with under five minutes left in the third quarter. The chances of the Bruins coming back were somewhere around 0.5%. And yet, at the end of the day, UCLA miraculously walked away with a 45 to 44 victory thanks to a 35-0 run including a fake spike TD pass to seal the deal.

But should that final TD have counted? It would appear now, in retrospect, that it probably shouldn’t have, and at the very least it should have been reviewed, because it was not.

Here’s the touchdown at full speed…

And here it is from another angle and in slow-motion…

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