UFC Hall Of Famer Tells Brock Lesnar To Stick To Wrestling And Is Pretty Damn Smug About It

Dan “The Beast” Severn has a…damn if it doesn’t feel like a warning for Brock Lesnar. The current WWE champion is toying with the idea of going back to the UFC when his contract expires after Wrestlemania at the end of March.

Severn, a former UFC champion and professional wrestling title holder, gives a very smug reply when asked if Lesnar should make the jump back into the octagon.

“I think Brock Lesnar should just count his lucky stars. He has been given opportunities that he didn’t deserve. Me personally, outside looking in? Better stay with your professional wrestling. It’ll be a lot easier on your body.”

Severn then went on to try and solve the Celebrity Jeopardy! puzzle and asked Alex Trebek to only refer to him as Turd Ferguson.

[With Spandex]