Dude Wipes Had The Perfect Response To UFC Fighter Justine Kish Pooping Herself In The Cage

by 2 years ago

UFC fighter Justine Kish experienced an unfortunate accident in her fight last weekend. She dropped logs all over the place while trying to escape a choke hold during Sunday’s Oklahoma City UFC event. Naturally, the pooping incident went viral with Twitter reactions, photographs, and video of the incident.

For her part, UFC fighter Justine Kish handled it like a champ. She laughed it all off in a tweet that would make Forrest Gump proud:

Enter Dude Wipes. We’ve covered Dude Wipes quite a bit here in the past. They had this hilarious commercial a while back. I’ve even featured them in my ‘Things We Want This Weekgear guide. So it warmed my soul to see Dude Wipes’ Twitter response to UFC fighter Justine Kish shitting herself in the ring:

I had no idea until I saw that tweet above, but Dude Wipes is apparently killing it on Twitter:

BRB, following Dude Wipes on Twitter now…

To see the video and pictures of Justine Kish’s poopy incident at the Oklahoma City UFC fight you can follow that link to see our previous coverage!

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