UFC Star Ariane Lipski Shares Bathing Suit Photo On Memorial Day Weekend

Ariane Lipski on the octagon

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UFC Star Ariane Lipski is enjoying her summer.

Back in March Lipski defeated JJ Aldrich via unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night 221

Lipski credited her win to following Amanda Nunes to her new gym.

“We moved to the U.S. to look to improve my wrestling, and then we went to American Top Team because of Amanda,” L “She’s the champion, I wanted to stay close to her, just to see her training. It’s like, you learn.”

“Then when she left the gym, we were missing her a lot. Nina [Nunes, Amanda’s wife] is someone who really helped me, always helped in my training camps at ATT,” Lipski continued. “I’m really happy for the time I spent training at ATT, but there’s so many coaches, so many fighters, that you have so many influences from all sides— I felt like I needed [things to be] more private, to find myself again, to find my game, to understand ‘okay that works for me, that does not.’”

“And that’s the way Amanda has been working. She opened her gym so me and my head coach, we could train there. It was really great, seeing her train, talking with her, getting to train with her. She was always trying to help with the experiences she had, that she learned by herself, that she tried to teach me. It was really great.”

Now that Lipski lives and trains in Florida, she’s taking advantage of the beach weather.

On Sunday, Lipski shared a bathing suit photo on social media and went viral.

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