UFC Star Tabatha Ricci Shares Bathing Suit Photo On Instagram During Memorial Day Weekend

Tabathi Ricci in the cage

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UFC star Tabatha Ricci, better known by her nickname “baby shark,” is taking a break from training for her upcoming fight to enjoy some beach time on memorial day weekend.

At UFC 285 back in March, Ricci UFC 285 won her fight against Jessica Penne in dominant fashion.

After her big win, Ricci declared it was the beginning of the baby shark era.

“I hope I can join the rankings after this win, but I can’t control that. It was one of my goals for last year, but I couldn’t achieve it. I want let everyone know that the Baby Shark era has begun. I can’t wait to return and be ranked soon. I don’t have anyone in mind yet, but I believe in my team and in the UFC. Whatever they think is best for me, I will trust it.

“I’m ready to fight at any moment. That’s my way of life. I love what I do and I’m just waiting. You can expect more from the Baby Shark. Smelling blood, dragging everyone to the ocean and finishing them.”

Ricci, who is set to fight in Jacksonville on June 29th against Gillian Robertson, is enjoying some beach time on Memorial Day weekend.

On Friday, Ricci shared a bathing suit photo  on Instagram the caption “shark in the water” that went viral on the social media app.

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