UFC Superstar Brandon Moreno Is Hoping To Turn International Fight Week Into A Mexican Party

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UFC superstar Brandon Moreno is hoping he can turn UFC’s International Fight Week into a big Mexican party this summer.

We sat down with Moreno, who is an athlete ambassador for Cuervo, the official tequila of the UFC, to talk about his upcoming fight, his relationship with fellow UFC Mexican champion Yair Rodriguez, and get insights on his favorite post-fight drink.

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Moreno, one of the biggest stars in the UFC, talked to us about his decision to partner with the famous Tequila brand.

“When Cuervo reached out, I was very excited to get involved. I love tequila and it brings me great pride to work with an authentic Mexican brand. I also was excited by the high-energy experiences Cuervo brings to UFC fans so partnering was an easy yes.”

While Brandon doesn’t drink much due to being a full-time athlete, he does indulge himself with some Cuervo tequila while hanging with his friends from time to time.

“So normally, of course, because I’m an athlete, I don’t drink too much. But, man, I’m a human being, brother. I’m a human being and sometimes, I love to combine Cuervo Cristalino with some drinks. I love margaritas. So at like watch parties with friends, we get together and enjoy some tequila and make the night more special.”

On July 8th at UFC 290, Moreno is facing Alexandre Pantoja, a fighter who beat him twice early in his MMA career. Despite the two losses, Moreno is confident that he has grown as a fighter and can beat Pantoja this time around.

“For me, it’s about timing. I lost against him, and I understand that, and I can change that. The good thing about it is what I did with that experience, what I did with those losses, I learned so much about myself, about my technique, and I evolved myself, and I evolved my technique.

“He feels this confidence right now, like, he feels he beat me before and can do it again. I mean, I understand that, and it’s fine, but, man, Brandon Moreno right now is a huge, different monster, and he will see on July 8th. I just need to keep working. I need to do my training camp, but man, I’m so ready to fight against this guy again.”

At UFC 287 in Miami, Moreno was inspired by watching Israel Adesanya defeat a fighter who had bested him several times in his career.

“I was there that night in Miami. That fight was very inspirational for me because, for all this history, for how Alex Pereira was this nightmare for Israel Adesabsanya, but at the end, Israel showed a lot of resilience, a lot of focus, a lot of different knowledge and experience, and he won, and he beat the guy he lost with him before. So, man, that was very Inspirational for me. That was an example for my future, for sure.”

Moreno will be sharing the UFC 290 card with fellow Mexican champion Yair Rodriguez, who will be facing Alex Volkanovski in a featherweight title unification bout.

“I love Yair, I met him in 2014, we went to the developmental program in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the UFC, and I met him there. We made an amazing relationship together. I have a lot of respect for Yair, and I’m so happy to share this card with him. To be together in this amazing card makes it more special. It’s International Fight Week. It’s the most special card of the year.”

Brandon’s dream is for the and Yair to bring back a fight card to Mexico as champions.


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“One of my principle goals is to bring UFC back to Mexico. The last event in my country was in 2019, Yair and I fought on that card, for me it was a draw and for Yair it was a DQ against Jeremy Stephens, that was kind of a frustrating night for but yes one of my principle goals is to go back to Mexico and put a huge PPV in the city and show to the UFC and show to the world that we can do it.”

Brandon is hoping he and Yair win their fights at UFC 290 and share a shot of Cuervo Cristalino to turn the event into a Mexican party.

“I just see myself getting my hand raised, and maybe after the fight we can make a toast together Yair and I.”

“At the end of the night, I can see myself drinking a few shots of Cuervo Cristalino, Maybe with Yair together, and make a nice Mexican party that night.”

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