UFC’s Sam Hughes May Have Gotten Herself In Trouble By Admitting Her Boyfriend Bet Money On Her To Win At UFC 287

UFC’s Sam Hughes may have gotten herself in trouble while speaking to the media.

On Saturday night, Hughes beat Jaqueline Amorim via a unanimous decision.

After the fight, an excited revealed that her boyfriend had bet $1k on her to win the fight.

Unfortunately for Hughes, the UFC recently implemented strict rules that bans fighters and those close to them to bet on fights amid an ongoing federal investigation into insider betting within the organization.


UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell wrote to fighters and teams in a memo Thursday that the promotion “expressly prohibits” UFC fighters from betting on UFC fights themselves or through a proxy.

“UFC Insiders,” a designation that includes an athlete’s coaches, managers, handlers, athletic trainers and “other individuals affiliated with the athletes or the UFC,” are also prohibited from wagering on UFC fights.

According to the new UFC guidelines, Hughes could face disciplinary action for her admission.

Disciplinary action would be taken against the UFC contract athletes if the insiders were to violate the rule. Campbell added that it is the UFC’s “expectation” that any fighter who has knowledge of a violation of these restrictions will immediately notify the UFC.

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