UFC To Make Significant Rule Changes Amid Ongoing Betting Scandal

UFC octagon

Getty Image / Chris Unger

The UFC is still in the middle of handling the betting scandal that has rocked the MMA world. Now, the organization is making some big decisions moving forward.

There have been some suspensions and nobody is allowed to train with James Krause for now. With that said, there are going to be some changes made.

According to MMA Fighting, The UFC is partnering up with U.S. Integrity, “the company that flagged suspicious betting activity linked to the James Krause scandal.” They will be working closely with the organization as a way to monitor betting activity. Overall, this feels like a smart move up front.

In addition to that, the UFC is changing its policy regarding who is allowed to bet and who isn’t, per Damon Martin. No longer will managers, coaches, and insiders be allowed to place bets on fights. On top of that, “any potential punishment could be levied against the fighters they represent.”

So, basically, the UFC is trying to nip any more potential future scandals in the bud. It makes sense considering the current betting scandal questioned the integrity of sports in general. Even so, fight fans are split about the latest development.

This guy thinks something fishy is going on.

The fact fighters and trainers were allowed to bet, to begin with, was insane. However, this is a valid point.

Overall, this should hopefully end any potential scandals down the road. Regardless, the UFC is still dealing with the current situation as James Krause and everyone involved are still under investigation.