UNC’s Lacrosse Team Pulls Huge Bro Move, Dedicates Huge Win To The Coach’s Late Son

Yesterday UNC’s Men’s Lacrosse team defeated Notre Dame at the ‘Shoe in Columbus. This marks the first time the Tar Heels have punched their ticket to the Final Four since 1993.

The most emotional moment came after the game, when Joe Breschi broke down in tears on ESPN. Deadspin reminds us that UNC coach Joe Breschi was head coach for Ohio State when his 3-year-old son was fatally struck in the parking lot of his preschool.

Before lacing up, the team announced at breakfast that they’d be dedicating the game to their coach’s late son. When the win against an elite Notre Dame team actually happened, Breschi was visibly choked up. It’s about as real of a moment as it gets, not just in sports but in life itself:

It wasn’t all tears, though. Fast forward to the team celebrating in the locker room afterwards. Gotta love lacrosse teams doing things that look like rugby hakas, complete with coach hittin’ the dab.

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