Undercover Cops at Seahawks Game Are Wearing Packers Gear to Catch Assholes


Interesting law enforcement strategy at Centurylink Field: Dress in the opposing team’s gear to catch the rowdy douchebags who want to start fights with fans of the opposing team. They did the same thing last year and apparently it worked so well, it’s back again for the 2014 season. Will the undercover 5-0 going to stand out like the cops at Phish shows who wear tie-dyes that they obviously bought at K-Mart on the way to work in the morning? Probably! Via King 5:

Undercover law enforcement officers will be outfitted in opposing team jerseys for all Seahawks home games at Centurylink Field this season, including the opening game against the Packers on Thursday. The undercover police officers will help quickly detect fans exhibiting unruly and inconsiderate behavior.

Fans exhibiting behavior violating the Fan Code of Conduct will be ejected from the stadium and may be revoked of their ticket privileges.

Fans can report any inappropriate activity that is disrupting their enjoyment of the game via text-message at HAWK12 (429512).

The Seahawks also remind season ticket holders that they are responsible for the behavior of persons using their seats. If those persons are ejected, the Seahawks may take appropriate action against the season ticket holder, up to and including season ticket revocation.

But still, this is a good call. We’ll probably post a hundred videos of drunk fan fights in the stands at football games this year from d-bags who push the heckling too far. If you’ve ever supported your favorite team at an away game, you know there’s always the risk of some meathead trying to fight you for wearing an opposing team’s jersey “in my house *chest-pound*!!”

Don’t be a douchebag this football season, Bros.

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