Famous People Sing The Undertaker’s Entrance Music And John Wall Flashes A SICK Custom-Made Championship Belt

All week long, the WWE has been celebrating the 25th anniversary of the debut of The Undertaker. The fed gathered together some famous faces to hum the iconic entrance music of The Phenom.

It’s a fun little video but John Wall and his Wizards Championship belt stole the two minutes.

John Wall Championship Belt


What the hell is that thing?!?! It’s magnificent and apparently it belongs to the team.

The championship belt. Even though the team hasn’t technically won a title since the ’70s, that didn’t stop them from going out and getting a WWE-style championship belt to use for various promotional purposes. It was a huge hit on Monday. Players took pictures with it and fans who saw it on the Internet loved it.

Amazing. Honorable mention to The New Day for once again killing it.

[via WWE.com]

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