Social Media Reacts To Urban Meyer’s Ridiculous Coffee Table

urban meyer coffee table

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  • Urban Meyer’s coffee table is a sight to behold.
  • Social media reacted accordingly to the ridiculous setup.
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You can decorate your home any way you want to, to each their own. After all, it’s your home, do whatever you want to with it. But just like you have the right to style your home however you want to, people have the right to point out bad decisions. We’re humans and we can’t help ourselves, we judge others, so when a picture gets shared of Urban Meyer’s coffee absurd coffee table you best believe we’re all going to share our opinion.

First Coast News anchor Jeannie Blaylock was lucky enough to step inside the Meyers’ home and, thankfully, she shared some pictures on Twitter. One of the four photos she shared sticks out, the one of the coffee table that has THIRTY framed pictures sitting on it.

According to Blaylock, Urban was the one who insisted on putting all the pictures out on the coffee table. It’s cool that he’s a happy dad and family man, but good grief, there’s too much going on here.

Never in my life have I seen a coffee table serve as a shrine like this to the family, and I’m from a small Southern town, I’ve seen some coffee table setups in my day.

Who knows, maybe the Meyers brought out all of these pictures just for the story the news station was working on, but it sounds like that the table is their permanent home. I guess if you don’t have a TV in that room, you’ve got to have plenty of other things to look at.

Twitter had jokes about Urban Meyer’s coffee table as well: