Urban Meyer’s Daughter Gigi Plays A Referee In One Of The Oddest Football Videos You’ll Ever See

Urban Meyers Daughter Referee Football Video

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So, where to begin here? We’ve got a video. There are two guys dressed up in full football gear. They’re in places like a food court, a deli counter, inside a Target and in front of a Dick’s Sporting Goods. Gigi Meyer, daughter of Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, is also in the video. She’s dressed up as a referee. And these one guy keeps slamming into the other in the middle of these stores. I think that covers everything.

“This is Urban Football,” the guy dressed in orange Florida Gators gear tells the camera to begin the video. Then he proceeds to obliterate the other guy a couple of times inside a mall or something before they move their shenanigans over to a Target where it is announced “this is called targeting in Target.” More mayhem then ensues inside the store.

“One of the funniest and probably dumbest things I’ve ever been a part of, but so worth it 😂 like if you think I’d make a great referee!” Gigi Meyer wrote as a caption for the very bizarre video.

Urban Football, indeed.

I could be wrong, it’s an unusually common occurrence, but one of the guys in the video might be Gigi’s boyfriend, who she tagged on the post.

By the way, Gigi Meyer is also no slouch as an athlete herself having played both indoor and beach volleyball at Florida Gulf Coast University where she was a communications major with a minor in marketing and advertising.

Oh, and she’s also crazy talented on the water as well.

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