Usain Bolt Partied His Face Off At The Club With His Girlfriend Now That He’s Officially Retired

usain bolt partied club girlfriend

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If there are two things we know for sure about the best sprinter ever Usain Bolt it’s (1) he’s ridiculously fast and (2) bro REALLY knows how to party. The bender he went on after winning more Olympic gold in Rio in 2016 was the stuff of legends, which somehow seems appropriate considering he is one.

However, now he’s just another guy – a guy with eight Olympic gold medals – after he pulled up with a hamstring injury in his final race on Saturday night. Something his team blamed on the event’s organizers.

That being said, Bolt seemed to be recovering quite nicely from his injury as he went at it HARD at the Cirque le Soir nightclub in London with his girlfriend Kasi Bennett.

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