Usain Bolt Smiling For A Photo Mid-Race While Destroying Competition Is Your Olympics Meme Of The Day

Last night, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt retained his title as the ‘Fastest Man in the World’ by winning the 100m Sprint. In doing so, Usain Bolt became the first sprinter in history to win that title at three consecutive Summer Olympics and captured his sixth total Gold Medal.

As he sprinted his way towards another Gold Medal for Jamaica he did so in typical Usain Bolt fashion, by posing for a photograph in his semifinal race that has since gone viral. Taken by Cameron Spender of Getty Images it appears that in the midst of Usain Bolt’s race he locked eyes with a photographer to smile for the camera, which only raises the bar even higher on Bolt’s already legendary showmanship:

This photo immediately led to tons of memes flooding Twitter/Imgur:

Not content to just win his Gold Medal and mug it up for the camera in the semi-finals race, Usain Bolt made sure to talk some shit the second he got on camera after the finals. Telling NBC that he knew he was going to win Gold a fully 24 hours before the race was even run:


I genuinely hope that in our lifetime we’ll see another sprinter as dominant as Usain Bolt, but I’m not sure we will. He’s not only destroyed the competition throughout his entire career but he’s also crushed their spirits by doing things like posing for photos in the middle of races.

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