Utah Jazz Fan Involved In Altercation With Russell Westbrook Has History Of Berating Westbrook On Twitter

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Earlier tonight Russell Westbrook was involved in a NSFW altercation with a fan.

In the video Westbrook could be heard saying that he was going to fuck up the fan and his wife.

Westbrook claims that the fan told him to “get down on your knees like you’re used to” which he says he found “completely disrespectful”.

The fan involved in the altercation, Shane Keisel, spoke to a local Utah TV station about the incident and claims he did nothing wrong.

Apparently Twitter dug up old tweets from the fan where he called Westbrook a “classless piece of shit” in the past.

Keisel went on to delete his Twitter account once people attempted to dig up some of his old tweets.

The Utah Jazz are currently investigating the situation.