V. Stiviano Claims In New Legal Documents That Donald Sterling Is Gay


The ultimate side chick, V. Stiviano, is like a herpe that just won’t go away. Not that I know… I’m VERY clean STD-wise, I’ve just heard.

Viviano Stiviano (I’m assuming that’s what the V stands for) is entangled in a legal battle with Sterling’s ex-wife, Shelly Sterling, over gifts she reportedly accepted from Donald. Shelly sued Stiviano in order to reclaim some of these gifts, such as cars and apartments, claiming that he didn’t have the authority to give them to her.

Didn’t Shelly and Donald just bank 2 bill from the sale of the team? I feel like you can let a car go and it won’t make a big difference to your bottom line, but, ya know, principles?

The plot thickens though. As part of her defense, Stiviano just filed documents in L.A. County Superior Court alleging that the items Donald gave to her were given in exchange for being Donald’s “beard,” and Shelly knew about it. If you don’t know what a beard is, it’s when you have someone of the opposite sex parade around with you to make you look straight even though you’re secretly slamming members of the same sex behind closed doors.

Via TMZ who broke the story –

Stiviano states … she was “not ever a sexual partner of Donald T. Sterling” and “believes that [Sterling] is a homosexual and enjoys sexual acts and or sexual congress with males.”

In the legal doc, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Stiviano says Shelly was “acutely aware of [Donald’s] sexual orientation and condoned same as well as acknowledged and approved [Donald’s] gifts of money [to Stiviano].”

I would officially like to announce that I am available to hire for beard-work for any rich high-powered lesbians out there. Getting money just to hang out with rich people in order to make them look straight sounds like the cushiest job of all time.

Not sure I buy Stiviano’s claims though. I heard those racist tapes, and those were the rants of a jealous and obsessive man. Why would he give a shit if Stiviano was chilling with black dudes if he wasn’t interested in her sexually? UNLESS – Sterling was the one who actually wanted to bang Magic Johnson, and he made up this whole racist business as a way to cover it up and get Stiviano away from him! IT ALL MAKES SENSE!

Also, let’s be real, if Donald Sterling were actually gay, he’d have a way better body

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