Vanderbilt Unveils New Logo, Gets Absolutely Torched By Everyone On Social Media

Vanderbilt Unveils New Logo, Gets Absolutely Torched On Social Media

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  • Vanderbilt University has a new logo.
  • It’s safe to say that most people don’t like the new look for the Commodores.
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Vanderbilt University had one of the most recognizable – and in my opinion one of the coolest – logos in college athletics with the star encasing a ‘V.’ The keyword in that previous sentence is ‘had’ because now the Commodores have an extremely boring logo.

The university unveiled its new logo on Tuesday completely getting rid of the star while presenting a bland new ‘V’ you’d likely see on an old Madden video game when creating a team.

According to the university, Vanderbilt’s new logo comes after two years of research.

“Updates on the Vanderbilt identity come after extensive input from across the community, with more than 500 completed surveys, 70-plus one-on-one interviews and dozens of workshops and group engagement sessions conducted during the past two years.”

Over 500 surveys, and this is the new logo the school came up with:

This photo of head basketball Jerry Stackhouse wearing a hat with the new logo, and a vest with the old log, shows just how much better the old logo actually looks. The giant star with a ‘v’ in the middle behind Stackhouse looks great, the new logo, not so much.

As you would imagine, people on social media had a field day reacting to Vandy’s new logo: