Pro Gambler ‘Vegas Dave’ Is Betting A Record-Setting $1 MILLION On A Fight At UFC 200

Professional gambler “Vegas Dave” Oancea is going to make a bet on a fight at UFC 200 that even outdoes all the insane bets that Floyd Mayweather has made.

He’s betting a record amount of $1 MILLION on Miesha Tate to defeat Amanda Nunes.

Should he win this bet, Miesha Tate is a very heavy favorite, he will take home a cool $400,000, but man, one random lucky punch and none of that matters.

“Most people that bet big money they do it underground or over shores to avoid taxes and eyes watching them. Me, I’m a pretty open book. I found someone overseas to make the bet and it’s already in place… It would be the highest sports bet on paper ever seen. No one’s ever seen a million dollar wager on paper… It would also be the biggest paid sports bet in UFC history.”

Now before you go and think he’s crazy, consider this: “Vegas Dave” won $2.5 million betting on the Royals to win the World Series last year, another $240,000 on Holly Holm upsetting the hell out of Ronda Rousey, and another $200K on Miesha Tate beating Holly Holm.

Okay, yeah, he’s still crazy.

H/T Uproxx