Victor Cruz Thinks The Patriots Are Scared To Face The Giants In The Super Bowl: ‘They Don’t Want To See Us’

For New Englanders, hearing the names ‘David Tyree’ and ‘Mario Manningham’ bring as much deep-rooted pain as hearing the names ‘Bill Buckner’ and ‘Aaron Hernandez.’ In the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era, the Patriots have been to the Super Bowl a mind-boggling six times, winning four of them but getting shell shocked twice by a pesky, industrious, statistically-inferior Giants team.

Now, as both teams have clinched a playoff berth for the first time since they met in the Super Bowl five years ago, some are starting to believe that a Pats/Giants Act III is destined. Victor Cruz, a UMass alum and 2011 Super Bowl champ, did not mince words when speaking about the Patriots’ alleged fear of meeting their kryptonite for a third time.

“They don’t want to see us,” Cruz told the Daily News. “I’m sure if you ask them (they’d say) they’d play anybody, they don’t care. I’m sure they don’t want to see us. That’s for sure.”

The 30-year-old Cruz, who may very well be shipped off at the end of this season to free up some cap space for OBJ, imagined the pageantry and hoopla that would go into yet another rematch.

“Oh man, you can’t even put it into words almost,” Cruz said. “For it to be round three, us and them in another epic Super Bowl showdown. It’d be for all the marbles. The third time is when, I mean they’ll have a lot riding on it, we will have a lot riding on it. It’ll just be one of those moments you (couldn’t) forget.”

Speaking as a Patriots fan, I’d be lying if I said I was bullish on meeting mouth-breathing Eli and the Giants for a third time. I’m a man who values redemption, but I’m also a man who understands that a third loss to the same team in a Super Bowl would have the most detrimental effect on the Brady/Belichick legacy. Call me a baby back bitch, but in 2007 Brady threw FIFTY FUCKING TOUCHDOWN PASSES (TWENTY THREE TO RANY MOSS) on arguably the greatest team in NFL history, and a dude working at Wawa right now caught a pass on his fucking helmet to tarnish it all. His fucking helmet grew hands. When you consider that this year’s Pats team is not as electric and there may be a supernatural force at work guiding the Giants, I wouldn’t be too devastated if we steer clear of the G-Men. My psyche is simply too fragile to withstand a possible L.

[h/t NY Daily News]

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