Jockey Who Rode American Pharoah To The Triple Crown Has A Thing For Tall, Hot Blonde Chicks

This past Saturday I took a party bus out to the 147th running of the Belmont Stakes, where American Pharoah was ridden by jockey Victor Espinoza to a historic 12th Triple Crown win, and the first in 37 years. I was there, bros, I watched it happen with my own drunk eyes. While there I was able to watch jockey Victor Espinoza ride American Pharoah into the record books, and when I got home I was able to catch up on just who Victor Espinoza is. Well, according to the NYC celebrity gossip blogs he’s a bit of a playboy who has a thing for hot, tall blondes. He’s been spotted around town recently with a hottie 19-year-old by the name of Kelly Kovalchick (who is 5-inches taller than him). The two maintain that they’re just friends, but people who have witnessed the two together claim there’s no doubt at all that they’re more than friends. There’s also another story that Victor Espinoza is engaged to a 25-year-old blonde named Stephanie Kunkel (this story was spread by her mother).

At only 5-foot-2-inches, Victor Espinoza makes for the PERFECT jockey. However, stepping out on the red carpet with just about any woman will make him look like a very tiny man. Here he is last Monday at an event here in NYC held at KTCHN restaurant with Kelly Kovalchick (the 19-year-old).


Victor Espinoza is 47-years-old, she’s only 19. That’s quite the age gap for a couple, but the two publicly maintain that they are just friends. Page Six says otherwise. Here’s the gossip on his 19-year-old hottie:

“There was no question they were together,” a source said, adding that Espinoza was overheard saying Kelly “brings him luck.” Guests also included racing syndicate owner Sheila Rosenblum, Elaine Sargent and Altaneve vintner David Noto.
Kelly was also with Espinoza the night before he won the Kentucky Derby in May — they were photographed together on the red carpet at the Unbridled Eve Gala, where the stunner towered above champion Espinoza.
Multiple sources told us Espinoza and Kovalchick — a Pennsylvania native who competes on the equestrian circuit with her own horse, Sky — first met at the Preakness in 2014, where Espinoza won on California Chrome.
But despite the 24-year age gap, we are told they began seeing each other in October after meeting again at the Breeders’ Cup in Santa Anita, Calif., where the single Espinoza lives. “She’s been visiting him in California,” a source said, calling Kelly “his girlfriend.” “She’s been hanging out there with him.”
Victor’s agent Brian Beach played down any romance, saying Kelly’s “just a friend of a friend who loves California Chrome and American Pharoah. She shows up to the races and is just an acquaintance. There are a lot of horse lovers out there who end up following the horses and the jockeys. And Victor is a very nice guy.”

Just a nice guy? Got it. I’m sure the the fact that this shorty is pulling in cash right so fast he can’t even count his Benjamin’s has nothing to do with the fact that he’s been seen all across the nation with a sexy 19-year-old.

But what about this other girl? The one whose mother claims is engaged to Victor Espinoza (or at least has been ‘betrothed’ for months). Here’s that woman pictured on the left:


So what’s the story there? Again, Page Six has the details:

A woman says her daughter is engaged to American Pharoah jockey Victor Espinoza, even as he has been spotted squiring another leggy blonde around town.
Julie Kunkel claims Espinoza — who hopes to make history at Belmont Park on Saturday — has been betrothed to her 25-year-old daughter, Stephanie, for months.
“He is engaged to my daughter! They’ve been going together for seven years,” the furious mom fumed.
“He was in a slump when he met [Stephanie],” Kunkel sniffed to The Post. “Everyone was yelling at him to retire.”
But her daughter stuck by his side, and the pair became engaged nine months ago, when Espinoza gave her a “big diamond ring,’’ the mom said.

I KNOW I’m not the only one here scratching my head at how a man barely tall enough to ride a roller coaster is pulling tail all across the nation, and they’re all hot blondes half his age…right? Maybe he’s the world’s greatest lover, maybe he’s just friends with them as some reports claim, or maybe it’s all those fat checks he’s been raking in thanks to American Pharoah’s Triple Crown win (and the rest of his career). Shocking many, Victor Espinoza actually donated ALL of his Triple Crown winnings to charity ($80,000), but that surely didn’t dent his deep pockets. Just consider this for a moment: in the year 2005 he rode 243 winning horses that brought in a cumulative $13,286,705…a percentage of which he surely got.

So short or not, Victor Espinoza has tall money. I’m beginning to think that the lyric “It’s like y’all be talkin’ funny, I don’t understand language of people with short money.” from Mase’s ‘Feels So Good‘ was written about Victor Espinoza.

Based on what we know so far, I think it’s safe to assume that Victor Espinoza is smashing more than anyone else in the horse game right now, and rightfully so. Now I feel the need to address something regarding a video I put up on the BroBible Official Instagram after the race on Saturday.

If you’re following the BroBible Instagram account (which you should be), you’d already know I was at the Belmont Stakes because I was drunk sharing pics and videos like a mad man. Case in point, the video below. Some of you might be thinking ‘Cass, what in the hell?! How were you holding your phone to film video instead of living in the moment?!’ To that my answer is this: I was actually using my phone as binoculars, since that’s a big ol’ track and I wasn’t able to see much of the race clearly. So I used my phone zoomed in instead of binoculars. I had eyes on the race the entire time. Here’s the finish from my seats:

So for anyone calling me out for not paying attention, again, the video only exists because I was in the last row of the stands and was using my phone as makeshift binoculars. That is all.