Victor Wembanyama Shows Off Insane Flexibility For His 7’4″ Frame

NBA star Victor Wembanyama holding a basketball

Getty Image / Mike Lawrie

San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama showcased his next-level flexibility in a video that has NBA fans wondering how much time Wemby spends practicing yoga every day.

As someone who is naturally *gifted with extreme flexibility (*gifted = diagnosed with a hypermobility disorder), and even my diagnosed extreme flexibility pales in comparison to Victor Wembanyama who is 7’4″ and poised to be the future of the NBA.

A video shared by the Overtime X/Twitter account shows Wemby bending in aways the world has not seen since Jean-Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport. Over 550K people have seen the clip on X/Twitter overnight:

The same clip has been racking up views on Instagram. Just scroll to the right to the second slide for the video, if Twitter isn’t loading:

While the #1 overall NBA Draft pick didn’t compete for France in the FIBA World Cup, it does appear he dyed his hair to match the French flag anyway. At least that’s what it looks like based on the video(s) above.

The top comments all reflect the importance of flexibility at his height and as a professional athlete. Wemby fans wrote:

“Being flexible at that height is definitely an advantage.”

“Bro’s finna stay healthy.”

“Bro isn’t from here.” The implication here being he’s an alien, not that he’s from France.

“Y’all gotta understand how important that is for him to be that flexibility for longevity purposes.”

“Will save him from a lot of injuries.”

It’s unclear who all of these commenters are talking to. Every single person is in agreement on the importance of flexibility for 7’4″ Victor Wembanyama both as a freakishly tall athlete and a professional athlete. Many comments echo the importance of flexibility in everyday life for all of us, something that we could spend a year discussing here.

Let’s Talk About Victor Wembanyamaya’s Height And Flexibility

We’ve discussed his flexibility at length above but let’s talk height for a moment. Now standing 7’4″, he was already 7’2″ at the age of 15. When he was 13 years old, Wemby already stood 5’11”. For context, the average male height in the world is about 5’9″. It is 5’10.1″ in the US and France. The was towering over ‘average’ men by the age of 13 and hasn’t looked back since. But he has also came into possession of incredible coordination and balance. The NBA is about to get a LOT more fun with him suiting up in San Antonio.

Victor Wembanyama and his incredible flexibility will make their NBA Regular Season debut on October 25th against the Dallas Mavericks. The game will take place in San Antonio but surely Mavs owner Mark Cuban will be sitting courtside to watch his newest in-state rival’s debut.

It will also mark a new era for the San Antonio Spurs who have the highest winning percentage in the NBA since 2000 with 20 Playoffs appearances and 4 titles. Truly, they’ve been one of the most successful professional sports franchises in America in any of the major sports this century.

Landing a generational talent like Victor Wembanyama (and his flexiblity) had to feel like winning the Powerball for Spurs owner Peter J. Holt who took the team over from his father in 2019.