Is This a Video of Brandon Jennings Offering Nick Young Molly In a Club?

by 5 years ago

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.12.27 PM
Over the weekend The Game uploaded an interesting Instagram video from a club in L.A. While Drake keeps the place jumping,  Pistons player Brandon Jennings is pictured trying to pass Nick Young an item that many in rap/NBA Twitter believe to be molly. There’s obviously some sort of little capsule in Brandon Jennings hand. Plus, why else would Nick Young be shaking his head like that, obviously in refusal?

Adding to the suspicion, The Game deleted the ‘gram. Definitely a shady move.

Maybe it’s just ear plugs. Or a mint so he doesn’t have that stank breath when making out with biddies later in the night. I’m sure either of those options are what he’ll tell Stan Van Gundy.

Also: Put those shirts on, men. No one likes the Bro who takes their shirt off in the club.

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