Someone Caught Up With The Sad Saps Who Booed Kristaps Porzingis And They’ve Really Hit A Rough Patch

Go ahead and yell it loud with me because it feels so good off the tongue: Kris-taps Por-ZING-is!

The kid from Latvia who has taken the NBA by storm in his rookie campaign has found himself becoming a star in the Big Apple, overshadowing his teammate Carmelo Anthony, and becoming the front-runner for the league’s Rookie of the Year Award.

But on draft night this past summer, no one could have expected this type of talent from Zinger, with Knicks fans booing him and hoping he would reconsider even booking a flight from his native country to New York because of it.

Those idiots have eaten their words, though, so our friends at The Kicker decided to put together this video showing what those sad saps are doing now—and it doesn’t look like they’re all that stable.

Here’s to you, Kristaps, because you’re the seven-foot king of New York.

[H/T The Kicker]

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