Dez Bryant’s Mother Reveals In Police Video That He ‘Roughed Her Up, Threatened To Knock Her Out’ In 2012



While we wait for an alleged video that will ruin Dez Bryant’s career to emerge, TMZ has obtained video of a police interview conducted with Dez Bryant’s mother after a domestic incident from 2012 in Texas

In the video, Bryant’s mother Angela says that her son grabbed and ripped her shirt, hit her with a baseball cap, threw her cell phone against the wall. and and threatened to knock her out.after she tried to break up a fight between Dez and her brother.

Dez was arrested for assault due to the incident but the charge was eventually dropped when Dez cut a deal with prosecutors which required the him to stay out of trouble for the following year

The video causes more problems for Dez and may force the image conscious NFL to intervene sooner than later.

h/t TMZ