Vince Carter Dunked On A Guy Who Dropped $125 On An Autographed Card That He Didn’t Actually Sign

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Getty Image / Will Newton

You miss sports. I miss sports. The days seem longer and the weeks seem endless without any big games on the horizon.

People are finding interesting ways to keep sports at the forefront of their minds. This includes everything from getting pro athletes to play online tournaments to watching Marble Racing on YouTube. Joe Buck has been announcing people’s mundane everyday activities as if they were sporting events.

The Athletic took to Twitter to ask people what the most random piece of sports memorabilia they own is. I found it a good opportunity to flex on everyone with my 1994 Michael Jordan autographed baseball which I got at Publix during his midlife crisis.

One guy responded saying his prized possession is his Vince Carter autographed basketball card. The man, the myth, the legend himself swooped in and ruined the guy’s whole life by telling him the $125 card he paid for isn’t Vince’s signature at all.

As it turns out, it wasn’t Alvin Williams’ signature either. He’s not even in the photograph!

If I’m that dude I’m now trying to figure out any way to send it to Vince Carter to get the real autograph now that I’ve got his attention. It’s not like anyone’s busy with real-life right now anyway.

There are some definite treasures to be found in the Twitter thread.

These are legit:

This is the weirdest one I’ve seen:

You can click through on any of those tweets above to get to the original Twitter thread if you want to add any random memorabilia of your own.