Viral TikTok Video Sparks A Rabid Debate About Unwritten Rule Of Basketball


Different strokes, different folks. Don’t yuck on someone’s yum. I get it–we are have our different slants and ideas of what is customary.

But if you don’t feed me the rock after a miss in a casual shoot around, I will kick your sorry ass summon you under the bleachers and ask you if I’ve done anything to hurt your feelings.

Are we still friends? Can we move past this? Don’t you see that the layup not only gives you the opportunity to pick your shooting spot but allows you to shoot off a pass? Come on man, that thing with your ex was just one time and I was tipsy. Water under the bridge.

I was utterly shocked to learn that there are people within this great nation who believe that failing to feed someone their layup following a miss is not an act punishable by a fine and/or community service.

The impetus for this rabid discussion was born in the wake of the video that was first posted on TikTok.

Is this epidemic regional?

Does it have a slogan?

Am I soft?


What if his toe is on the line? Who is going to enforce this? This procedure will force the foul line extended jumper into extinction. Simply too much to lose on the miss.

The debate rages on.

Give me the ball or I’m sliding a foot under your jumper. You leave me no other option.

[h/t Connor]

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