Vladimir Guerrero Sr. Shows Mixed Emotions After Vladdy Jr. Homers Off Angels And Phenom Shohei Ohtani

Vlad Guerrero Sr. Has Mixed Emotions After Vladdy Jr. Homers Off Angels

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  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hit a home run against the Los Angeles Angels.
  • Vlad Sr. had mixed emotions after his son homered against his former team.
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The Toronto Blue Jays and Los Angeles Angels faced off in a big American League series. On Thursday night, Vladimir Guererro Jr. hit a home run to left field at Angel Stadium.

The home run was a bit of a sore spot for his father, Vlad Sr., who spent six seasons with the Angels, from 2004 to 2009. After the game, Vlad Sr. got honest about watching his son hit a home run against his old team.


It must have been odd for Vladdy Jr., also, who grew up watching his dad play for the Montreal Expos and the Angels mainly.

Another interesting note is that Vladdy Jr. hit the home run of phenom Shohei Ohtani.

Blue Jays star Vlad Guerrero Jr. opened up about playing Angels in Anaheim

Yeah, it must have been a bit strange for Vlad Sr. to watch the Angels go against his son’s team. However, he has to be a proud father for many reasons.

Vlad Sr. has a shrine in Cooperstown at the Hall of Fame with an Angels logo on it, and everybody knows how much he meant to that team.

Vladdy Jr. even spoke to reporters about playing in Anaheim, a place he lived while his father was a member of the Angels (h/t Gregor Chisholm of Toronto Star).

“I’m very proud. Of course, I was here for a long time. I pretty much grew up here and now I’m coming back here as a big leaguer.”

Vladdy Jr. is proud of everything his father accomplished, and Vlad Sr. is ecstatic about the success his son has enjoyed in his short career. Sure, he hit a home run against the Angels, but family comes first. Hopefully.