Von Miller’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partner Is Fining Him For Every Time He Rips One

by 2 years ago


Denver Broncos defender Von Miller has had quite the year, culminating a dominant 2015 season with a Super Bowl victory and the game’s MVP, while also being asked to compete on the hit show Dancing with the Stars.

And while Miller can, seemingly, do no wrong, his partner on DWTS, Witney Carson, has one thing that she’s really irritated with—Von’s habit of farting. It’s gotten so bad that Witney’s even issuing a $100 fine for every time the football player does it, joking that she’ll be “so rich by the end of this.”

NFL players might think that Commissioner Roger Goodell tosses out some pretty big fines, but it turns out those are nothing compared to what Witney Carson’s doing to Von Miller. Hopefully, Goodell doesn’t get any ideas about fining players for farting next season—because he’s crazy enough to do it, too.

Farts are funny, so why try to deny it?

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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