Von Miller Is Angry He Wasn’t Invited Into Delivery Room For His Baby’s Birth Months After He Allegedly Told Ex-GF He Wished She Had A Miscarriage

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  • Back in January Von Miller’s ex Megan Denise released alleged texts from Miller telling her he wished she had a miscarriage
  • On Wednesday, Miller vented on Instagram that he was upset that he wasn’t invited into the delivery for the birth of his child
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Von Miller and his ex-girlfriend Megan Denise are once again having issues.

On Wednesday, Miller complained that Denise didn’t invite him to the baby shower and he’s also angry that he’s not allowed into the delivery room for the first of his child.

It is worth noting that last year Denise released text messages that allegedly showed Miller wishing she had a miscarriage after she told him he was pregnant.

Miller denied the allegation from Denise but we can probably see why she doesn’t want him in the delivery room.