Kicker Takes Blocked Field Goal In For Exciting TD Because Anything Can Happen In D3 Football

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Wabash Kicker Socres TD after blocked field goal

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In addition to scoring the most exciting TD in college football over the weekend, the Wabash Little Giants also have the best team name in all of D-3 sports. The Wabash ‘Little Giants’ adopted their team nickname back in 1904, long before Little Giants hit the big screen in 1994 with Rick Moranis, Ed O’Neill, and Devon Sawa. That film introduced the world to ‘the Annexation of Puerto Rico’, arguably the greatest play in all of football…I’m getting distracted here.

Over the weekend, the Wabash Little Giants played Ohio Wesleyan. While attempting to kick a field goal in the third quarter the kick was blocked. Instead of just laying on the ball and turning it over on downs the field goal kicker picked up the ball and ran it in for the most exciting touchdown of the college football weekend.

What makes this bizarre touchdown even more interesting is this: Wabash eventually lost to Ohio Wesleyan 16-13, but kicker Schuyler Nehrig scored ALL THIRTEEN of Wabash’s points by himself. He kicked two FG’s, scored a touchdown, and kicked the extra point. Sure, he had help on those drives and didn’t actually score every point unassisted, but he is credited with every point scored by Wabash last Saturday. I can’t recall a time that’s ever happened when a team scored a TD and didn’t just kick field goals all day. Pretty impressive.

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