Warren Sapp Charged In Vegas For Domestic Violence After Allegedly Beating And Stomping His Girlfriend

Former NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp was inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame in 2012. His life has been a train wreck since then. Turns out Sapp is just an abusive, scumbag deadbeat who allegedly beats women — He was busted in a Phoenix, Arizona hotel room with two hookers after the Super Bowl this past year, paying $600 for oral sex. He lost his job with the NFL Network because of that incident earlier this year. This is on top of his arrest in Miami for domestic battery at the Super Bowl in 2010. Those charges were eventually dropped.

Once again, Warren Sapp finds himself in trouble with the law. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Sapp attacked his girlfriend on April 28th at the M Resort in Las Vegas. He bit her middle finger and stomped on her head during the altercation. via TMZ:

According to the police report, the two had been arguing … and Sapp allegedly threw a margarita in her face in their private cabana by the pool. Sapp allegedly grabbed Chalyce by the arm or purse and violently pulled on her … nearly taking her down to the ground.

The couple left the resort together in a car — heading toward Chalyce’s condo.

During the car ride, the Chalyce says she got sick of arguing and told Sapp to get out of the car … but he responded by BITING HER MIDDLE FINGER.  At one point, Sapp got out of the car and asked another driver for a ride. The driver denied his request.

According to the docs, they got back in the car together and eventually got to the condo — where the violence continued.

Once inside, Sapp allegedly threw a belt at her … and she threw it back at him … and during the altercation, she ended up on the floor. While she was down, Chalyce claims Sapp stepped on her face while wearing white Jordan sandals. Sapp is approximately 6’2″, 300 lbs and wears size 15 shoes.

That’s sickening, but this is even worse:

Chalyce’s friend told police that Sapp’s GF has sustained multiple injuries — including a bruise on her lower lip, abrasions and bruises on her shoulders, bruising on her legs, and a bruise on one of her temples with a checkerboard imprint (presumably from Sapp’s Jordan sandals).

Moore also told investigators she thinks she suffered a concussion because she had a stiff neck, headache and was vomiting after the incident.

Awful. Especially when you think about his previous offenses.

Sapp was charged with three counts of battery. And just sounds like he’s just an all-around bad dude.

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