The Warriors’ Bench Straight Clowned Metta World Peace After He Whiffed On A Breakaway



One of the benefits of having the producer for the NBA gaffe show, Shaqtin a Fool, as a best friend is that I get the skinny on all of the shitty plays that happen each and every night from around the Association.

And, for those who ditched out on last night’s Lakers-Warriors game, you missed former All-Star Metta World Peace’s miserably depressing attempt at a layup, as he pathetically bricked it while all by his lonesome self on a breakaway.

Playing for a crappy team like the Lakers, you would think that the Dubs would have a little bit of sympathy for the dude, right? Way wrong, as the entire bench lost it, clowning World Peace with reactions that are absolutely priceless.

Might want to get back to the basics and practice those simple layups, MWP!

[H/T Twitter]

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