The Redskins’ Send-Off On Their Way To New York Is The Most Depressing Thing You’ll See All Day

The NFL might only be entering Week 3, but for the Washington Redskins and the team’s players, it has to feel like they’ve already been playing for about six months after everything that they’ve gone through.

Between former starting quarterback Robert Griffin III getting hurt, to him getting benched, to him, allegedly, liking an Instagram post bashing the team, to the team leaving him and his No. 10 jersey out of the countdown to kickoff posts on social media to… OK, I’ll just stop there.

All those things listed above, as well as the ones I left out, have all come in the past month or so, so, yeah, Skins’ players have to be fed up with all this shit.

To make matters worse, as the team made their way towards New York to take on the Giants in a Thursday night game, a pathetic seven, SEVEN!!!, fans were on the side of the road to send them off and wish them luck.

Go ahead and make excuses about it being the middle of the day and people being busy with work, errands, parenting, whatever, but you’re telling me that only seven people out of millions who support the team could make it to wave them onto NYC?

Say what you want, but this is depressing for one of the NFL’s most storied franchises.

[H/T The Big Lead]